Members of the public can now share their experiences with the UK Covid-19 Inquiry

  • Published: 16 November 2022
  • Topics: Every Story Matters

Today, the Inquiry has launched a new online form which anyone can use to share their experiences of the pandemic directly with the Inquiry.

This has been developed with members of the public telling us how they would like to share what happened to them. The form is a way people can anonymously share how the pandemic impacted their lives, without the formality of giving evidence or attending a public hearing.

This first version of the online form is an important step and we will be improving it between now and the Spring. Other options for sharing will be made available over the coming months.

Participants are asked not to submit personal details, and the experiences gathered will be later reviewed, with analytical reports summarising what people contributed being used as evidence in the Inquiry’s modules and hearings. Because recalling these events may be emotionally challenging, we have provided a list of external organisations which can provide support if it is needed.

The UK Covid-19 Inquiry’s Terms of Reference include a commitment to listen to and consider carefully the experiences of bereaved families and others who have suffered hardship or loss as a result of the pandemic.

The online form is an important step forward for the listening exercise which will provide an opportunity for people across the UK to share their experiences with the Inquiry.

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