Inquiry welcomes the appointment of eleven Queen’s Counsel to legal team

  • Published: 4 May 2022
  • Topics: Legal

The Inquiry has appointed eleven Queen’s Counsel (QCs) to join its legal team. The following QCs will support Hugo Keith QC, Lead Counsel to the Inquiry, and Martin Smith, Solicitor to the Inquiry, with the preparation and delivery of the Inquiry’s investigative work: 

  • Kate Blackwell QC
  • Jacqueline Carey QC
  • Sophie Cartwright QC
  • Charlie Cory-Wright QC
  • Jamie Dawson QC
  • Clair Dobbin QC
  • Andrew O’Connor QC
  • Tom Poole QC
  • Shaheen Rahman QC
  • Richard Wald QC
  • Richard Wright QC

The Inquiry Chair has appointed an experienced legal team to support her in fulfilling the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference to consider the impact of the pandemic on the UK and to make recommendations to ensure that the UK is better prepared to respond to any future pandemics. 

The eleven QCs were appointed following a competitive, fair and open recruitment process, which included both paper application and interview.  They have been appointed following assessment of their experience and competency to assist with the work of an inquiry of this nature. The Inquiry is now in the process of appointing junior Counsel.