Warbixinta Module Weydiinta

Baaritaanada UK Covid-19 ee baaritaanka waxaa loo habeeyey Modules. Weydiintu waxay daabici doontaa warbixinteedii ugu horreysay iyo talooyinka ka dib baadhista UK ee 'U adkaysiga iyo u diyaargarowga (Module 1)' Khamiista 18 Luulyo 2024 duhurnimada.

Module 1 – Resilience and preparedness

The Inquiry published its first report and recommendations following its investigation into the UK’s ‘Resilience and preparedness (Module 1)’ on Thursday 18 July 2024.

It examines the state of the UK’s central structures and procedures for pandemic emergency preparedness, resilience and response.

The ‘In Brief’ summary is available in a variety of languages and formats including English, Welsh, English Easy Read and British Sign Language.

Reports related to the Inquiry’s further Modules will be published later. A full list of the topics that the Inquiry is investigating can be found in our Shuruudaha Tixraaca.

The Chair of the Inquiry, Baroness Heather Hallett set out her recommendations from the Module 1 report in a live streamed statement now available as a recording on the Inquiry’s YouTube channel.