Core UK Decision-making and Political Governance (Module 2A Scotland) – Preliminary Hearing Day 2 – 21/03/2023

  • Published: 10 May 2023
  • Topics:


10:30 am

Introductory remarks from the Chair

10:45 am

Update from Counsel to the Inquiry, regarding:

  • Practical arrangements for the hearing
  • Progress in the gathering of evidence for Module 2A since the last preliminary
  • Rule 9 requests
  • Expert evidence
  • Core Participants
  • Planning and timetabling for the remainder of the module
  • The period between now and the lead up to the oral hearings
  • Opening and closing statements
  • The preparation for the conduct of the oral hearings – evidential proposals and Rule 10
  • Scope of Module 2A
  • Co-operation with the Scottish Covid-19 Inquiry
  • The Listening Exercise – (“Every Story Matters”)

12:00 pm

Submissions from Core Participants