UK Covid-19 Inquiry Terms of Reference

The Prime Minister has set the Terms of Reference for the UK Covid-19 Inquiry. This means that the Inquiry has been formally established under the Inquiries Act (2005) and is able to begin its work officially. You can view the final Terms of Reference below.

English – Download (PDF, 59KB)

Welsh (Cymru) – Download (PDF, 59KB)

Polish – Download (PDF, 61KB)

Punjabi – Download (PDF, 58KB)

Urdu – Download (PDF, 64KB)

Bengali – Download (PFD, 93KB)

Gujarati – Download (PDF, 90KB)

Arabic – Download (PDF, 60KB)

Chinese (simplified) – Download (PDF, 149KB)

Somali – Download (PDF, 60KB)

Easy Read – Download (PDF, 10MB)