Update: Inquiry to publish first report, Module 1 ‘Resilience and preparedness’, in July

  • Published: 18 June 2024
  • Topics: Module 1, Reports

The UK Covid-19 Inquiry will publish its first report and recommendations following its investigation into the UK’s ‘Resilience and preparedness (Module 1)’ for the pandemic on Thursday 18 July 2024.

The report will be on the Inquiry website at midday on 18 July. The Chair of the Inquiry, Baroness Heather Hallett, will present her recommendations in a live streamed statement on the Inquiry’s YouTube channel soon after.

The first investigation’s public hearings, which were held across six weeks in June and July 2023, heard oral evidence from witnesses including senior politicians as well as scientists, experts and civil servants.

The Inquiry is split into different investigations – or ‘Modules’ – which will examine different parts of the UK’s preparedness for and response to the pandemic and its impact. So far, eight investigations are underway, with plans for Modules 8 and 9 announced in May 2024.

A full list of the topics that the Inquiry will investigate can be found in our Terms of Reference – more information about the Inquiry here:


The Chair aims to finish public hearings in 2026. The next scheduled public hearings are Module 3 ‘Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on healthcare systems in the four nations of the UK’ which will run for 10 weeks in London from Monday 9 September to Thursday 28 November 2024, with a two-week break from Monday 14 October to Friday 25 October.

The Inquiry’s current schedule of hearings is as follows:

Module Opened on… Investigating… Dates
3 8 November 2022 The impact of the pandemic on healthcare systems   Monday 9 September – Thursday 10 October 2024
Break: Monday 14 October – Friday 25 October 2024
Monday 28 October – Thursday 28 November 2024
4 5 June 2023 Vaccines, therapeutics and anti-viral treatment across the UK  Tuesday 14 January – Thursday 30 January 2025
5 24 October 2023 Pandemic procurement across the UK across four weeks of public hearings Monday 3 March – Thursday 3 April 2025
7 19 March 2024 Approach to testing, tracing and isolation adopted during the pandemic Monday 12 May – Friday 30 May 2025
6 12 December 2023 The care sector across the UK Summer 2025