Inquiry visits Llandudno and Blackpool to hear the UK’s pandemic stories

  • Published: 25 June 2024
  • Topics: Every Story Matters

The UK Covid-19 Inquiry has travelled to Llandudno and Blackpool to hear local people share their pandemic experiences with the Inquiry in person.

The events in North Wales and on the Lancashire coast were the first of a series of nationwide Every Story Matters events to be held in summer/autumn 2024. Every Story Matters is the public’s opportunity to share the impact the pandemic had on them and their life with the UK Inquiry – without the formality of giving evidence or attending a public hearing.

Inquiry staff visited the Trinity Community Centre in Llandudno on Thursday 20 June and the Grand Theatre in Blackpool on Saturday 22 June to meet with members of the public.

Every Story Matters will support the UK Covid-19 Inquiry’s investigations by providing evidence about the human impact of the pandemic on the UK population. This will help Baroness Hallett make recommendations for the future.

Thank you to every member of the public who came to meet and speak to us in Llandudno and Blackpool. Your experiences really do matter and will help inform the work we’re doing and I’d like to thank everyone who made the journey to come and see us.

Both these great towns share a common background as great British holiday resorts and both saw significant change during the pandemic, especially in the leisure and hospitality industry.

It is vital that the Inquiry continues to hear experiences from all corners of the UK to ensure we get a full picture of the pandemic’s impact on people living and working across the country.

Ben Connah, Secretary to the UK Covid-19 Inquiry

In July the Inquiry continues to travel across the UK, visiting the University of Bedford campus in Luton on Monday 8 July and Tuesday 9 July as well as Leafs Cliff Hall in Folkestone on Friday 12 July. All future confirmed Every Story Matters events are detailed here on the Inquiry’s website. 

Members of the public do not need to visit an event to contribute to Every Story Matters. Full details of how to tell your story can be found here.